Project Veritas Promises “Jaw Dropping” Third CNN Fake News Expose Tommorow!

From Project Veritas Newsletter sent just now:

Project Veritas Supporter,

This week, Project Veritas threw the door open on CNN’s shocking, sickening bias:

On Tuesday, our team showed how we caught CNN producer John Bonifield calling the Russia investigation “bullsh*t”—and admitting that CNN is only pushing the phony story because it’s good for ratings.

CNN shrugged it off—basically saying this is just one producer’s opinion, and they embrace their “diversity of thought.”

So our team showed them another guy. One of CNN’s top pundits, Van Jones—who told our investigator that the Russia investigation is really just “a big nothing burger.”

Once he was publicly exposed, Jones did what most people would do: he smeared Project Veritas’s reputation, threw in some playground name-calling, and then “clarified” that when he said “nothing burger” he didn’t really mean “nothing burger.”

Project Veritas Supporter, I want you to remember one thing: no one from CNN has denied what was said in our videos. They can smear Project Veritas all they want, but the facts speak for themselves.

It’s clear CNN is flailing. But Project Veritas is only getting started.

Tomorrow, I’m going to send you part three of our “American Pravda” series.

If John Bonifield didn’t convince you that CNN is intentionally publishing fake news, and if Van Jones didn’t convince you either… well, your jaw is going to drop tomorrow.

Stay tuned. And thank you again for your continued support of Project Veritas!

In truth,


P.S. Unlike the mainstream media, Project Veritas is completely funded by our supporters–people like you. The only way we can continue to finance our investigations, like “American Pravda,” is with your help.

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