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Google Gnome: The April Fools Gag

Curator’s Note:  I know it was an April Fool’s gag but I’d love to have one of these on my patio. Especially if it was programmed to be this cheeky.

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VIDEO: Jeff Bezos looks a little too happy piloting a giant mechanical robot

  @JeffBezos “Why do I feel so much like #sigourneyweaver ?” @amazon #MARS2017 #openpodbaydoors — Caleb Harper (@calebgrowsfood) March 20, 2017 From The Verge:  Add this to the growing pile of evidence the world is slowly transitioning into a sci-fi dystopia: a billionaire entrepreneur with a sideline in building space rockets has been showing off by piloting a 13-foot-tall …

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VIDEO: Ridiculous Looking Gadget “Hushme” Helps You Have Private Conversations In Public

Curator’s Note:  With all the spying being done nowadays on the public including all our phone conversations being recorded, our internet usage tracked and recorded, public cameras and microphones, this gadgets of this type may one day be a necessity for having an actual private conversation…but that day hasn’t quite come yet and it looks ridiculous. From Mashable: BY FREIA …

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