Canada Politics

Government pressed on plan to deal with migrants illegally crossing into Canada

The Liberal government is closely tracking the influx of asylum seekers illegally crossing into Canada, but opposition critics say much more must be done to keep migrants safe and to protect the integrity of the immigration system. Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale said today the RCMP and the Canada Border Services Agency are rearranging resources to ensure they can “deal …

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Canadian Cabinet Minister Laughed At Because He Used To Be A Bus Driver (VIDEO)

By Paul Alves (Emergency Broadcast System) Showing just how much they think of the common working person, MPs in Canada’s parliament laughed at Minister Of Infrastructure and Liberal MP Amarjeet Sohi when he stated that he used to be a bus driver while giving his condolences for a bus driver who was killed in the line of duty.

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Female Ontario Premier Forced To Sit In Corner Of Mosque

While the men prayed, she sat patiently in the back corner of the mosque waiting to say the words many in the room were so thankful to hear. “There should be no fear ever in worshipping your God, our God, in Ontario or in Canada,” Premier Kathleen Wynne said to the worshippers who came for noon-hour prayers at the Muslim …

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